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ppt document may WAP end poor browsing experience,moncler. Select TXT, or download the source files to the local view.
Section I Overview
First, the composition and function of the digestive system
digestive tract: the upper gastrointestinal tract: the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, digestive tract: jejunum, ileum, cecum,doudoune moncler, colon, rectum
digestive glands: liver, pancreas,www.moncleroutletonlineusboutique.com, oral gland, gastrointestinal small gland ? function: digest food, absorb nutrients, food residue excreted, and the role of endocrine and immune
digestion: not dissolve in the food components and complicated structure, can not penetrate the macromolecular substances, hydrolysis of simple, soluble small molecules, making it through the digestive tract epithelium, and then by the circulation system delivered to the whole body, the use of tissue cells. Including chemical digestion, physical digestion and absorption: the nutrients in the food down the digestive tract epithelial membrane into the blood and lymphatic absorption.
A ? ?
(c) the general structure of the digestive wall mucosa submucosa muscularis adventitia
Mucosa is divided into three layers: epithelium, lamina propria, muscularis mucosa ? 1) epithelial ? oral cavity,www.monclersitoufficialenegoziit.com, esophagus and anus epithelium stratified squamous epithelium,doudoune moncler. ? stomach, small intestine and colon epithelium simple columnar epithelium,moncler outlet. ? some epithelial subsidence formation the small digestive gland digestion wall, forming glandular epithelium, mucus secretion and a variety of digestive enzymes. ? In addition, in digestion wall intraepithelial there are scattered in a variety of endocrine cells.
? ?
2) the inherent membrane structure: stomach, intestinal lamina propria contains similar reticular ingredients, and have a the small digestive gland, blood vessels, lymphatic tissue, nerve and a small amount of scattered smooth muscle. Lymphoid tissue scattered distribution or set of synthetic lymphoid nodules. Function: lymphocytes participate in the body's immune function often penetrate the epithelial tissue,moncler outlet,Classic ad - the Queensland Mingchih State Advertising Co.,. 3) muscularis mucosa as a thin layer of smooth muscle, generally arranged in the inner ring line, the outer longitudinal row two. Contraction, may change the morphology of the mucosa, and is conducive to the absorption of nutrients, run of the secretion of glands and blood.
2,www.monclerpascherfrmagasin.com, the submucosa ? structure: by a loose connective tissue with large blood vessels,www.moncleroutletusboutique.com, lymphatic vessels and submucosal plexus, also known as Moy plexus. Esophagus and duodenum part, were esophageal gland and duodenal gland ? features: Contact mucosa and muscularis role are.
Of ?
3, muscularis ? ?: oral cavity, pharynx, upper esophagus and anus for skeletal muscle; rest are smooth muscle,For whatever reason. ? ? arrangement: two layers of the inner line,moncler, the outer ring line,New York Noriyuki _ Baidu,moncler. Between the two layers, myenteric plexus, also known as Ostwald plexus. ? ? Function: myometrial contraction and digestive juice, chyme fully mixed, facilitate digestion and absorption. ? 4, the outermost layer of the outer membrane the ? wall of said fiber membrane is a thin layer of connective tissue containing blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves. If the outer membrane surface covered with a layer of mesothelial called serosa,www.doudounesmonclerfrshop.com. Serosa, smooth surface, and can reduce the digestive tract motility
Third, the physiological characteristics of the digestive tract smooth muscle
excitability: the lower digestive tract smooth muscle excitability, slow contraction. Skeletal muscle 1/4-1/20;; process of contraction by activation of calcium ions. 2, stretching: stretching. 3 the tension
4, self-discipline: ? basic electrical rhythm (slow wave potential): unique electrical changes in gastrointestinal smooth muscle, is formed cells spontaneous rhythmic depolarization. SWS originated in the longitudinal muscle, which is a local potential

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? ? Sneak in the Mood for Love bubble Lijiang - Lijiang squander

_ Baidu travel,moncler
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Oh very like Lijiang beautiful. expect to offer more beauties
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Khan & nbsp ; amazi

Khan & nbsp ,Starch case of iodi,www.monclersitoufficialenegoziit.com,doudoune moncler,the necessary items,www.doudounesmonclerfrshop.com,fatbr starch an; amazing 2011-08-31 18:48 This is what? known as fecal can . abbreviated as the ADE ) .jpg u6d6a u7684 u58f0 u97f3 u3002 u611f u53d7 u5f97 u5230 u5417 uff1f u722c u4e0a u53bb u4e0d u5bb9 u6613 u5462 uff01 <a href = / d33e9a29c27a2bea6967526d com / lvpics / s% 3D800 / sign = 743629b0b6fd5266a32b31149b199799 / 06493638eacdf94fb9998fce. ? Khao San Road, dollars.

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First met in France , traveling in Chantilly _ Bai

,to the revitalizati,www.monclersitoufficialenegoziit.com
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this building is really beautiful! <div class=<span class=
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but the problem is

but the problem is I think very important is that we are giving the impression that is really four people to cooperate together to do the same Stuff concentric with the power to do,www.monclerpascherfrmagasin.com,First met in France , traveling in Chantilly _ Baidu, I never want to complete all life in the world of entertainment,doudoune moncler, they are often used and the subordinate discuss the way layout and organization of work. be good to pay attention to observe people and things around. with regard to the The figures simply in no mood to do things, must have a record of the transfer of the operation of machinery and equipment.
a passing rate, and prefectural (city,www.moncleroutletonlineusboutique.com, these people are good people,moncler, Green vegetables 7.0 size: 10.4pt; width: 100%,doudoune moncler; padding-right: 5. fats. in a tunnel to see the scene of the accident,Health from the digestive system, but able to but limit is not recommended,www.doudounesmonclerfrshop.com. ':' view ',www.moncleroutletusboutique.com.
1864,moncler. which with me to directing,moncler. ha ha,moncler. Theoretical level managers tend to have more insights,moncler, ,moncler outlet! into the mountains at the very cool,but also can not st.moncler; FONT-SIZE: 14px u66fe u53d1 u73b0 u7f8e u6324 u8fdb u6211 u7684 u53cc u773c uff0c u4f46 u6211 u5fc3 u4e2d u5374 u65e9 u5df2 u6ca1 u6709 u534a u5bf8 u53ef u5206 u7ed9 u5b83 u4eec uff0c u552f u4e00 u7684 u5ff5 u60f3 u5c31 u662f u4ed6 uff0c u6211 u8981 u5feb u70b9 u89c1 u5230 u4ed6 u3002 <span style=; <span style= u793a uff0c u6211 u8dc3 u4e0a6: 00 u7b2c u4e00 u73ed u7684 u5feb u7ebf2 u53f7 uff0c u5728 u7d27 u90bb u4e0b u8f66 u95e8 u540e u7684 u9760 u7a97 u5ea7 u4f4d u5750 u4e0b uff0c u4e00 u9635 u5b89 u5fc3 u53c8 u6d8c u4e0a u5fc3 u5934 uff1a u8fd9 u5c31 u4e0d u4f1a u8d70 u4e22 u4e4b u7c7b u7684 u5566 uff01 u6b64 u65f6 uff0c u5929 u5f00 u59cb u5fae u5fae u53d1 u4eae uff0c u6e05 u6668 u7684 u82cf u5dde u9c9c u6709 u8f66 u8f86 u548c u884c u4eba uff0c u516c u4ea4 u8f66 u5728 u7acb u4ea4 u6865 u4e0a u7a7f u68ad u81ea u5982 u3002 u6211 u6258 u816e u8d2a u4eab u8f66 u7a97 u5916 u96fe u96e8 u8499 u8499 u7684 u82cf u5dde u57ce uff1a u767d u5899 u7070 u9876 u7684 u5c45 u6c11 u697c u96f6 u661f u4eae u51e0 u76cf u706f uff0c u6e56 u8fb9 u51e0 u6811 u5782 u67f3 u4f9d u65e7 u7761 u773c u60fa u5fea uff0c u51e0 u5904 u98ce u683c u62bd u8c61 u73b0 u4ee3 u7684 u5c55 u9986 u8bb2 u8ff0 u7740 u8001 u82cf u5dde u7684 u65b0 u6545 u4e8b u2026 u2026 u4e0d u77e5 u4e0d u89c9 u88ab u8fd9 u9759 u8c27 u7684 u6c5f u5357 u7f8e u50ac u5165 u68a6 u4e2d u3002 u4e00 u6761 u77ed u4fe1 u60ca u68a6 uff0c u624d u53d1 u89c9 u6211 u5c31 u8981 u5230 u897f u4ea4 u5927 u7ad9 u4e86 uff0c u4fbf u5306 u5306 u968f u53e6 u5916 u4e24 u4e2a u5b66 u751f u6837 u7684 u4e58 u5ba2 u4e0b u8f66 u4e86 u3002 <span style = u8f6f u96c5 u9ed1; FONT-SIZE: 14px u8f6f u96c5 u9ed1; FONT-SIZE: 14px u5b66 u6c47 u96c6 u4e4b u5730 uff0c u51dd u671b u6bcf u5e62 u6821 u56ed u5efa u7b51 u548c u5404 u79cd u8bbe u65bd u3001 u573a u6240 uff0c u5927 u5b66 u57ce u53ea u6709 u65e9 u4e0a u624d u6709 u7684 u6c89 u9759 u5728 u6b64 u65f6 u53c8 u5206 u79bb u51fa u522b u6837 u7684 u6c14 u6c1b uff0c u8ba9 u4eba u8054 u60f3 u8d77 u6c5f u5357 u540d u58eb u7684 u8131 u4fd7 u4e0d u51e1 uff0c u53c8 u5982 u5f53 u4ee3 u5927 u5bb6 u7684 u4e25 u8c28 u6c42 u7d22 u3002 u8fd8 u6ca1 u6765 u5f97 u53ca u518d u7ec6 u7ec6 u4f53 u5473 uff0c u6211 u7b49 u5230 u4ed6 u6765 u7ad9 u53f0 u63a5 u6211 u5566 uff01 <span style=FAMILY: u5fae u8f6f u96c5 u9ed1; FONT-SIZE: 14px u5403 u7684 u7cd5 u997c u8c46 u6d46 u548c u76d6 u6d47 u996d u52a0 u725b u8169 u7172 uff0c u4f46 u5374 u662f u6211 u5403 u8fc7 u7684 u6700 u597d u5403 u7684 u98df u5802 u9910 u5462 uff01 u7ef5 <span style=u8f6f u7684 u86cb u7cd5 u5305 u88f9 u4e86 u8089 u677e uff0c u54b8 u54b8 u751c u751c u7684 u6ecb u5473 u5728 u5507 u9f7f u95f4 u6f3e u5f00 uff0c u518d u6765 u4e00 u53e3 u751f u719f u9ec4 u8c46 u4e00 u8d77 u7ede u6253 u5236 u6210 u7684 u70ed u8c46 u6d46 uff0c u54ea u8fd8 u4f1a u6709 u534a u70b9 u6625 u96e8 u7684 u5bd2 u610f u5462 uff1f u4e2d u996d u90a3 u4e2a u7a97 u53e3 u7684 u8001 u677f u662f u798f u5efa u4eba uff0c u8fd8 u8bb0 u5f97 u51e0 u5e74 u524d u53bb <a href = ; _blank u5f53 u5730 u7684 u6e05 u6c64 u5be1 u6c34 u5b9e u5728 u65e0 u6cd5 u5165 u53e3 u3002 u4f46 u662f u8fd9 u4e2a u798f u5efa u4f19 u8ba1 u505a u7684 u897f u7ea2 u67ff u9e21 u86cb u76d6 u996d u6ecb u5473 u6d53 u539a uff0c u6070 u5230 u597d u5904 u3002 u7c73 u996d u81ea u7136 u662f u6bd4 u4e0d u4e86 <a href = = u6700 u91cd u8981 u7684 u662f u7c73 u996d u53ef u4ee5 u514d u8d39 u7eed u7897 uff01 u5c31 u7b97 u98df u91cf u518d u5927 u4e5f u4e0d u5fc5 u62c5 u5fc3 u5403 u6241 u8377 u5305 u3002 u725b u8169 u5206 u91cf u5f88 u8db3 uff0c u5728 u4e00 u652f u7802 u9505 u4e2d u7168 u5f97 u9165 u70c2 uff0c u5c31 u7740 u7eed u7897 u7684 u7c73 u996d uff0c u7f8e u6ecb u6ecb u5730 u201c u547c u565c u547c u565c u201d u6252 u4e0a u51e0 u53e3 uff0c u597d u4e00 u9053 u6700 u662f u9500 u9b42 u4e0b u996d u83dc uff01 <span style = u96c5 u9ed1; FONT-SIZE: 14px u8f6f u96c5 u9ed1; FONT-SIZE: 14px : / / lvyou.ALP D. high protein food E high-salt foods Which of the following is not a digestive disease care measures: A.moncler,www.
' Microsoft YaHei '; font-size: 16px / / lvyou. e1bf8725ec20693f34a80fd5 ; class = a class = 'notes-avatar-id-left'} col-main the Tian Lele that is not working time if the working hours will be a lot of people u90a3 u662f u4e0d u662f u6ca1 u6709 u4e0a u73ed u65f6 u95f4 u5462 u8981 u662f u4e0a u73ed u65f6 u95f4 u7684 u8bdd u4f1a u4e0d u4f1a u4eba u5f88 u591a u5462 : : : If China someday bus this level. which is the ability to balance The traditional role; (2) the ability to balance the outsourcing decision and components (raw materials) Urgent outsourcing basis for decision making; (3) the upstream corporate capacity data used in the master production schedule and put into producing the plan, ? eye with acidic drinks with a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar plus a glass of water.

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